Human factors engineering:

  • User interface update of already existing products in the areas of critical care, emergency care, anesthesia, home care
  • Responsibility for the human factors engineering activity for a new acute care respiratory ventilator
  • Definition of the user interface of a new critical care ventilator, in cooperation with users and product development teams
  • Updating Human factors engineering files of already existing products
  • Responsibility for updating the Usability engineering process in a large international company
  • Improving and evaluating instructions for use
  • Running contextual inquiries in several countries in the cath lab area, producing reports containing use workflow, videos, products enhancements identifications, to be shared with internal product development teams; such reports are very often the only chance for product development engineers to get accurate insights from the field...

  • User interface update of already existing products, home care ventilator

Sustaining engineering:

  • Field failures monitoring, Root cause investigations, fault tree analysis, product enhancement, in the critical care area, emergency care, anesthesia, and homecare, of complex devices involving embedded software, turbines, valves, pneumatic circuits, batteries...

Fault tree analysis, illustration

A respiratory device is a complex system involving electrical hardware, battery, display, mechanical robustness and miniaturization, embedded software, pressure and flow sensors, oxygen mixing control, turbines, servo driven valves...

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