After 23 years in the medical devices industry, working for international companies, I have decided in 2018 to work as a freelancer/consultant in the human factors engineering and sustaining fields.

While Usability and Sustaining have always been my core focuses, I have had the opportunity to develop during my biomedical engineer career a deep and broad skills set that I want to give my customers the benefit of:

  • User interfaces definition and evaluation
  • Sustaining: vigilance cases failure investigation and correction
  • Upstream and downstream marketing, Product development, Applied technology, Management, Project management, Design control, System engineering, Risk management, Clinical evaluation, member of ISO/TC121/SC3 standards writing, working accross the globe...
  • Co-author of the upcoming French medical industry union (SNITEM) guidance on Usability engineering for medical devices
  • Close cooperation with users to detect needs and wants
  • From Life support devices (critical care, emergency, anesthesia, homecare respiratory care) to more simple devices such as sleep apnea therapy orthesis.

Why outsourcing those activities?

Human factors engineering:

  • Companies running large-scale human factor projects very often lack complementary resources to overcome peak workloads; only a consultant brings the needed flexibility to that problem
  • For some other companies, there is not necessarily the need or the means to have full-time usability specialist(s) internal resource; once more a consultant is the ideal solution

Sustaining engineering:

  • Sustaining resource needs are inherently changing and difficult to predict; in the absence of dedicated resources, the sustaining needs systematically disrupt the activities of the product development design teams; outsourcing the sustaining activities helps not disturbing the new product development projects
  • An outside expert, accostumed to complex investigations, involving patients and users, is most often an opportunity to identify new possible or actual root causes

Why working with me?

  • A rich and specialized expertise: 23 years in biomedical engineering working for international companies, in multiple positions, focused on acheiving satisfaction of user needs
  • Sense of customer relationship: proximity, listening, commitment, and customer satisfaction are my purposes

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Special offer

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